What One Hour Setup Means @ The Recording Studio

What One Hour Setup Means @ The Recording Studio

Sometimes,I get the “What!!!” reply when I tell artists (usually bands new to the Studio) that it will take an hour for setup, so for anyone new to the recording studio, here’s why it will take at least an hour.

First off, DRUMS. The smallest kit usually has three drums but most of the time its a five piece or better. Chances are if you are new to the studio your drums are out of tune. My previous studio the heads were changed and tuned with every new session. that itself takes one hour and should be done before coming in. Mic placement and connecting Mic cables to the snake take at least 30 minutes. Hi Hats, room mics, and overheads etc also need mics.

Guitars. Depending on the amp, guitar, speakers, ohm’s, cabinet, and room micing a guitar rig takes time. you don’t want to just throw a mic on the speaker and pray to the music gods for great results. I myself put headphones on and slide the mic around the speaker until it sounds like Awesome Sauce squishing out of an Awesome Sandwich!!! Oh Wait. What if there are TWO guitarists? Most newbie guitarists don’t know about Intonation. So guess what. I’m gonna do that too, just on principle!!! That’s at least 30 minutes.

Bass is pretty easy for me. I Like to DI the bass most of the time but, bassists have this thing called Tone and they want to sound like, well, what they sound like. Guess what? That Takes Time!!! Bass usually doesn’t take up tooo much time but there have been situations…Ahem (SAM!)

Then you have vocals, people playing their instruments while I’m setting things up, (That’s not distracting),tweaking pre-amps, getting levels, setting up the session on the computer getting everyone situated with headphones and getting a headphone mix,bad cables, people being late, rounding up people smoking eating or drinking….

So there ya go. One Hour!